With over 20 years of experience and more than 15,000 tax returns filed, you can trust our team to get it done right. Fast, accurate service is the key to our success. From basic returns with one-T4 Slip, to investment and pension incomes; from students and families, to rental properties and home-based businesses; from food service employees to truck drivers and oilfield workers… there isn’t much we haven’t worked with. We will provide you with a comprehensive package to take home, and we’ll answer your questions and concerns professionally and clearly. We strive to make sure you receive the best possible outcome available to you. Don’t get stressed with all the government rules, laws, and changes … Let us guide you through the process, efficiently and effortlessly.


Many people believe the best way to gain financial freedom is to be self-employed. Whether you have a unique business idea, or want to buy into a franchise, we can help guide you through the process, to select the right business structure. Many self-employed individuals start off as Sole-Proprietors working from their home. We invite you talk to us about the different deductions and credits available to you. Home office and vehicle expense claims are a few of the hidden benefits of a home based business enterprise.

Ready for the next step? Incorporating your operations can be both frightening and thrilling. There are many obstacles to navigate in the world of corporate enterprises, and we are here to help you understand all the necessary record keeping and filing requirements, including Payroll Deductions and GST/HST.


Our office assists over 130 corporations with their monthly, quarterly, and annual filing requirements. We specialize in smaller corporate businesses, whether it is sole-owner or family run enterprises, we provide you with a comprehensive accounting and tax preparation service at a more cost-effective rate than the larger accounting firms. We work closely with you to obtain the best possible result, both for the corporate and personal tax outcome.


One of the biggest headaches for many business owners is keeping track of receipts and expenses. The biggest complaint we hear is, “I don’t have time to do my bookkeeping. I'm too busy building my business…” Why take time away from what you do best, to worry about what we do best?

We have a small but dedicated team of bookkeepers available to help you with the mundane task of tracking your income and expenses. Whether you choose to bring your receipts and records in to us monthly, quarterly, or even just once a year, we’ll work with you to keep you informed of your financial position and profits. We can assist you with employee payroll records and deductions, Records of Employment (ROE’s), GST/HST calculations and filing, and the preparation of financial statements for our tax preparation team.

We utilize SAGE50 (SimplyAccounting), Quick Books accounting software, and Excel spreadsheets, or we can assist you in setting up your own bookkeeping system of synoptic journals. Any way you choose, we will work with YOU using whatever method YOU are comfortable with.