Tax Tips & Traps

Issue #122 - 2019 — First Quarter

Issue #121 - 2018  — First Quarter

Issue #120 - 2017 — Fourth Quarter
Issue #119 - 2017— Third Quarter
Issue #118 - 2017— Second Quarter
Issue #117 - 2017 — First Quarter

What should you bring with you??

If you have never been to Venture Tax & Accounting before, you should bring the following items to help us complete your return quickly and thoroughly:

  • Picture ID
  • Previous year's Notice of Assessment or Re-assessment

Everyone should bring:

  • All T4 & T5 slips
  • T4E, T4RSP, T4RIF, Pension / Old Age slips (if applicable)
  • RRSP contribution slips
  • T2202 Education slips for students
  • Charitable contribution and medical expense receipts
  • Child support / alimony receipts
  • Child Care
  • Moving expenses (if you moved more than 40km's closer to your work)

DID YOU.....

  • Have a rental property, or small business operating (Last Year?)
  • Have a student loan that you are paying down?
  • Trade any Mutual Funds / Stocks / Bonds?
  • Live in Northern Alberta, BC, or NWT for more than 6 months?

ARE YOU.....

  • A single parent? (bring birth certificates for each of your children, and custody papers)
  • Newly married? (let us prepare both spouses returns at the same time so we can take full advantage of available credits... and save you 10% on the fees!)
  • New to Canada?

There are many more expenses and credits available. Don't be afraid to ask.